Children's Ark - Testimonials

“You could not hope to find a better kindy! The amazing staff at Children’s Ark provide an environment that not only nurtures their education, but their emotional needs as well. They inspire confidence in the least confident of children and provide a wonderful extension of your family. You are kept up to date with all of the fun and learning through the Storypark platform, where you can read about the things your children have been showing an interest in and the topics they are learning about. This allows you to continue that learning at home or just talk a bit about their day and share their experiences.”


As a qualified early childhood teacher myself, there is nowhere else I would rather send my children. I have never come across any other early childhood setting to have such a beautiful family feel and to really focus on the individual needs and interests of the children as they do.

The teachers constantly strive to stay on top of best practice, and do an excellent job of engaging and extending children, and the children adore them!

You could not do better than Children’s Ark!”


“We love this Kindy. What we appreciate most is the kindness and the love that we felt from the first moment we entered the door. The atmosphere is personal and loving and our son has blossomed with the interest and encouragement that he has been given by the teachers. Thank you, dear teachers, for living out the love of Christ to our little ones!”


“Children’s Ark is the best kindy we have ever been to. Having moved out of Auckland we have struggled to find anywhere that compares to Children’s Ark Kindy. I always felt really happy leaving my children (all four have been there). We never had any issues or problems. The staff were the best and had a genuine care for our children. My children all have fond memories and can be often found looking through their kindy folders. We really miss Children’s Ark.”


“Childrens Ark is a real treasure nestled in the garden next to the Baptist Church where everyone is greeted with a massive smile.What it is missing in physical size it makes up in heart.It is an intimate environment where every boy and girl is made to feel welcome and is given extra tender loving care. It is a natural extension of our home where Sue, Gill, and Kim step in as mums and educators. Kids are encouraged to explore their natural surroundings as well as the many wonders of the classroom. Feeding the pet guinea pigs, playing music on the everyday utensils which make up the music wall, painting, doing puzzles and storytime are a part of every day at kindy! Every child is special and is encouraged to explore and discover their talents while learning in a fun and happy environment! There is much excitement around the 4year old school readiness programme and Emily can’t wait for the day that she is old enough to join in! We could not wish for a better spot for Emily to start her educational journey!”


“I would like to express my gratitude to you all for the warm, loving and stimulating environment in which you have cared for both of my children. Having been to other daycares and kindergartens before finding you, I appreciate so much just how much you genuinely care for all the children and take such great care in developing a fun, safe and exciting environment tailored so well to the interests of each child. The time you take to enjoy the children’s company, listen to them, and really get to know each of them, is something I have not come across at any other centre and it has made a big difference to our family. Thank you all so much! Many thanks!”


“We are now about to have our 3rd child start at Children’s Ark Kindergarten.  For the past 5 years we have entrusted our children to the loving teachers at Children’s Ark.  The love and compassion that these women have shown our family has been priceless.  Starting with the implementation of new policies (our first daughter suffers severe food allergies).  They listened, they modified and they cared.  You don’t understand how important this was to a mother, who struggled with letting others look after her children, even family due to the severity of the allergies.  Also, when my father passed away, they did anything they could to help me.  I would not hesitate to send my children to this facility.  They are warm, accommodating  and passionate about children.  My children have left this kindy confident, strong children, ready to tackle school head on.  They truly feel like an extension of the family.  Thank you so much.”


“As with any parent thinking about childcare, finding the right place was so important. I wanted to ensure that Harrison felt safe and supported in a warm family like environment, Children’s Ark was this and more. A welcoming place, not just for the child who attends, but for all the family. No-one is too busy to stop for a quick chat about how your child’s day has been or offer advice on any issues. All the teachers are warm and caring and the learning environment is fun and educational. I felt blessed when I found Children’s Ark, it really is a hidden treasure!”


“My girls call out from the back of the car for me to pull over for a visit every day we pass Children’s Ark’s doors. They have nothing but happy memories and I know my children always felt safe and loved.”


“Children’s Ark is a caring environment with nurturing staff. My daughters loved their time there and they benefited from a lot of individual attention with low child to staff ratios. We loved it!”


“There are so many things the teachers at Children’s Ark do well.  We have been amazed at how they seem able to cater to individual interests and strengths. As our son’s interests moved from Gruffalos to dinosaurs, from dump trucks to imagination games—he was met, encouraged and extended. But what we have most appreciated is the genuine care that has been shown to our boy and the enthusiasm with which the teachers approach every day.”


“Children’s Ark Kindy is a fantastic environment for pre-schoolers. Both my boys have attended Children’s Ark and they were (and are) happy, busy and always keen to attend. The teachers are kind, caring, and go the extra mile to cater individually for each child – making them a ‘Focus’ child at least once a term catering a learning activity especially for them right at their current interest level. The ratios are outstanding with at least 3 adults to 18 children (1:6), plus more as they support early childhood students which increases the adult to child ratio. The premises has a wonderful garden filled with outdoor musical instruments, fantastic water play with a water pump, ‘homes’ for insects and resident guinea pigs, as well as a great sandpit and playground area.  My boys and I have loved our Children’s Ark journey and I highly recommend this kindergarten.”


“We love Children’s Ark kindy for so many reasons! Our daughter comes home and says ‘I love kindy’ and has been settled and happy there from the start. The leadership team are welcoming, caring, and run like a well-oiled machine because they have worked together so long and so well. Our daughter learns and grows, plays and laughs, and always has such a huge grin when we drop her and collect her, it is a relief to know she is in a place where she is loved and happy and respected too. The teachers get to know each child and it feels like you are talking to family when you discuss your child with them. When we had an accident in the family they even sent home a meal and organised help for us so our daughter could keep going to kindy and stay in her routine – we recommend Children’s Ark to whoever we know is looking for a safe, fun, caring environment for their children, and look forward to seeing our younger two attend here when their time comes!”


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